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Article Published In Vol.5 (May-June-2017)

The Correlation between Maternal Hemoglobin level and neonatal birth weight

Pages : 506-509

Author : Fatima Eissa, Fatima Elkhieder, Suher Awad, Eatedal Mukhtar, Reham Ahmed, Hiba Basheer and Awad-Elkareem Abass

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Background: Maternal anemia is associated with maternal and perinatal mortality, low birth weight (LBW), premature delivery, and other adverse outcomes. The study aimed to compare and correlate between maternal Hemoglobin (Hb) level and birth weight in a group of Sudanese pregnant women at delivery.
Methods: Prospective cross-sectional study was conducted in Omdurman Maternity Hospital in a period of December 2016 to February 2017 on a total of 150 Sudanese pregnant women at delivery. The study population were divided into three groups; 50 were women with spontaneous preterm delivery at 28-34 week of gestation, 50 were women with low birth weight (LBW) (less than 2.5 Kg), and 50 were women with normal birth weight (NBW). Socio-demographic and obstetric data was recorded. A venous blood sample was collected from all enrolled women, Hb level was measured as part of complete blood count by hematology analyzer.
Results: The prevalence of anemia in the study groups were: 60% in women with preterm delivery (mean BW 1.5 kg), 40% in women with LBW(mean BW 2.0 kg), and 8% in women with NBW (mean BW 3.3 kg), the overall prevalence was 36%. The Hb level was significantly lower in preterm (mean: 10.3 g/dl) and LBW (mean: 10.7) than NBW group (mean: 12.3); p-values were < 0.00001. Moreover, there was a moderate positive correlation between maternal Hb value and birth weight in the study population; with correlation coefficient (r; 0.40) and correlation of determination (R; 0.7). Socio-demographic characteristic and obstetric data was compared; maternal age of < 25 years was significantly associated with LBW (p. value: 0.02) and was borderline in preterm group (p. value: 0.07.
Conclusion: Maternal Hb level is positively correlate with birth weight, neonates born to the anemic mothers had lower birth weight compared to non-anemic mothers. Maternal- young adult- age is associated with LBW. More attention on antenatal care and nutrition may prevent LBW .

Keywords: Maternal, Hemoglobin, low birth weight, preterm, birth outcomes



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