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Article Published In Vol.2 (July-Aug-2014)

The description of three poems of Tarsaya

Pages : 721-724

Author : Noric Tarvirdians and Mozhgan Yahyazade

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Inputs and the subject of this essay deals with three major Azchkamh bit “Trsayyh KHAGHANI” is. Know that KHAGHANI raised in a Christian environment and thought – inevitably – is familiar with the environment. Arms tired early days of the poet Bnag┬Ěh clause takes the pain so great Iranian poet, sings the wondrous feats called “ode Msyhyh or Trsayyh.” he creates masterpieces with all the messianic elements. know that this ode hand over great authors are professors GHAZVINI to other elders, always has been explored in many reports, it has been written, but “three bits” that this essay addresses so that perhaps should, have been investigated and this paper has tried it If the Frakaft. three bits are discussed in this paper is just the first of many reports, it is Frakaft.

Keywords: Tarsaya, Khaghani, Christianity.





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