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Article Published In Vol.6 (July-Aug-2018)

The Development of Integrative Comic as a Media and Materials in Theme Cita-Citaku Class IV Basic School

Pages : 772-778, DOI:

Author : Muhammad Iqbal Al Ghozali, Sarkadi and Rusmono

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This study aims is to develop integrative comics as a medium and additional teaching materials on thematic curriculum lesson 2013 theme 6 aspect of class IV of elementary school. This research uses research and development method (R & D) Dick and Carey model with 10 stages. The study was conducted on the fourth grade students of SDN Majalengka Kulon II and SDN Majalengka Wetan VII, amounting to 75 students. Instruments used in this study in the form of interviews, questionnaires, and test results learning. Validation results from the three experts get an average media expert score of 4.42, language experts 4.2, and material experts 4.58. Thus it can be stated that the media and comic integrative teaching materials worthy to be used in the learning process in primary school with the condition of revision in accordance with the advice given by the three experts before The use of media and comic learning materials also get a very good response from students with a percentage individual test 85.8% and small group test 85.3%. The effectiveness of the use of media and integrative comic learning materials can be seen from the learning outcomes after conducting field trials by providing pretest and postes questions. The data obtained are t = 10,009 with df 74 and p-value 0,000 <0,05 or Ho is rejected. Thus it is concluded that there are differences in learning outcomes in learning the theme of 6 goals between before and after using media and integrative comic learning materials.

Keywords: Media, teaching materials, comic, integrative



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