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Article Published In Vol.4 (Nov-Dec-2016)

The Divergent and Devastating Tentacles of Violence as a Threat to Internal Security of India, Cannot We Stop?

Pages : 1155-1157

Author : Sk Chand Basha

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India is a yardstick of diversity in culture, religion, linguistics, caste and geography, it has been sensitively evolved within the ethical limits materializing the development of a composite culture, but too often it had been strained by divisive and destructive tentacles of violence born out of heterogeneous elements. The present overview tried to depict that majorly threats to the internal security of our nation falls under three varied heads 1. Armed insurgency in North east 2.Left wing extremism in certain states 3.Religious fundamentalistic driven separatism and terrorism (majorly by infiltration) in Jammu and Kashmir. Armed insurgency in North east is mainly driven for sovereignty of their concerned regions. A Wide array of armed insurgents (militant groups) operate to materialize this aim and wage regular militant attacks against civil and military establishments, extortion is the source of their funding. Their demands are born out of their cultural protection and decadal negligence which alienates them, some of the groups are NSCN (IM)( mother of all insurgencies), NSCN (K), for nagalim, ULFA for independent asom, NDFB for bodoland and others even existing feud between different tribes for instance between mizos and chakmas, mizos and reangs, Manipur meiteis and nagas, nagas and kukis to protect their inhabitable lands all these compounds to the already existing complex and vicious circle of violence. In order to counter these AFSPA has been deployed in north eastern states (persons like irom sharmila is on stike to repel it, recently Tripura has revoked it)).with respect to left wing extremism in certain states ranging from its inception in naxalbari of west Bengal to Bihar, Jharkhand, M.P.Chattisgarh, A.P and Telangana,the abujmarh forest area of Chhattisgarh is the hub of naxals,the main cause for the rose of naxalism is atrocious and unjust civil administration prevailed with feudal tendencies and deprivation of basic and developmental services culminating to the frustration and oppression prompting them to took up arms against the unjust machinery. Regarding the state in J&K it is anti India propagated religious fundamentalistic driven secessionarism which shatters the state and further accentuated by sponsoring of terrorism by Pakistan majorly by infiltration. Finally the overview concluded that the root causes of violence that threatens the integrity of India are seems to be divisive therefore regional specific multipronged strategies is required driven by sharing the fruits of development amongst the down trodden and needy people who are fundamental base for any from of extremism/sessionarism and act as bulwarks against rising tide of violence by delinking with the same along with it honest and efficient civil administration, political representation of vital stake holders and synergistic security system which all creates the conducive atmosphere for inclusive and sustainable development which is the strategic remedy to stop and dismantle the root causes of violence.

Keywords: India, NSCN (IM), AFSPA



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