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Article Published In Vol.11 (Jan-Feb 2023)

The Effect of Parenting Style on the Self Concept of Children with Authoritative, Permissive and Authoritarian Parents

Pages : 102-106, DOI:

Author : Anam and Prof Richa Dwivedi

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The current study compared the effect of parenting style on self-concept of children with authoritative, permissive and authoritarian parents. In order to do this, parenting style questionnaire used to be first given to 180 parents of high school students in India. Then, based on this questionnaire, the parents were divided into authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. After division 32 children from authoritative, 29 from permissive and 31 from authoritarian style had been selected. Then, the self-concept questionnaire had been administrated on these subjects after taking their consent. One-way ANOVA, Multiple-comparisons of means and correlations were used to analyze the information. There was a big impact of parenting style on self-concept.

Keywords: Parenting style, Authoritative, permissive, Authoritarian Parents



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