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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

The Effectiveness of Life Skills on Resilience and Marital Satisfaction of Addict Men`s Wives (Case Study: Women Referring to Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers in Omidieh)

Pages : 1173-1184

Author : Sahar Ahmadi, Sima Gerami and Fatemeh Farsi

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The current study is designed with the aim of identifying the effectiveness of life skills training on resilience and marital satisfaction of addicts` wives. To achieve these goals two questionnaires, Connor resilience (Connor and Davidson, 2003) and ENRICH marital satisfaction (Olson and Olson, 1989) were used. Among 3 centers, 40 addicts` wives referring to addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Omidieh were selected randomly, and were divided to two experimental and control groups. Moreover, a 75-people sample (as a pilot group) was selected from this group (center) in order to evaluate the reliability and validity of results. After answering to these questionnaires by these three groups, independent variable (life skills treatment) was applied for experimental group. Analyzing results of comparing marks of experimental and control groups with the aim of variance of multi-variables analysis showed that life skills training leaded to increase women`s resilience and marital satisfaction whose husbands referred to addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers of Omidieh.

Keywords: Addiction, marital satisfaction, endurance, and life skills




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