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Article Published In Vol.5 (July-Aug-2017)

The Effectiveness of Non-Penal Prevention of the Police from Crime Occurrence

Pages : 827-840

Author : Azorlooyi.M and Mardani.H

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So far, lack of scientific structure and adoption of inconsistent policies in the field of crime prevention cause the criminal policy of Iran to face with confusion and enormous challenges in this regard. In this study, we intend to analyze effective measures that police force can do in order to prevent the crime by investigating the existing laws and by looking at the laws of some countries. The steady increase in crime statistics particularly the dark figure of criminality and its displacement imply the ineffectiveness of prevention of crimes, thus community-oriented police as an authority to establish social discipline rather than an emphasis on its traditional pattern from the perspective of extreme focus on the absolute implementation of police rules and criminal repressive reactions should more interact and engage with citizens in non-penal prevention of crimes in order to effective policing in restoring public security. This is a descriptive-analytical study and it is conducted with documentary and library method. The researchers use the research tools and documents to describe the status quo as well as to analyze the effectiveness of non-penal prevention of community-oriented police in social discipline. Also, the analysis of non-penal prevention indices by community-oriented police was addressed. The findings imply that the development of interactive indicators of policewoman with citizens, use of extra- organizational potential, identification of factors contributing to crime, independent non-criminal measures of community-oriented police are effective factors in realizing non-penal prevention of crimes and maintaining social discipline. The results indicate that adoption of non-penal prevention pattern with participation of citizens in maintaining social discipline and governance practices of community-oriented policing have significant effectiveness in social prevention of crimes and protection of society public safety.

Keywords: Community-Oriented Policing, Social Prevention, Crime Target, Interaction



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