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Article Published In Vol.9 (July-Aug 2021)

The Impact of Analysis VS. Synthesis Task on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Paragraph Writing Ability

Pages : 350-360; DOI:

Author : Shima Heidary

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While writing is interlocked with learning, many L2 students do not know really how to write and put their ideas together. Task-based instruction is an approach which provides learners with a learning context that requires the use of the target language through communicative activities and in which the process of using language carries more importance than mere production of correct language forms. In this regard, this study explored the effectiveness of Task-based Language Teaching on the development of learners’ writing skills in general, and it endeavored to compare the effect of using analytic versus synthetic tasks on Iranian EFL learners’ paragraph writing ability. In this study, 100 students were selected randomly and were assigned randomly into two experimental groups after sitting on a language proficiency test [EX1: Analysis tasks and EX2: Synthesis tasks]. The pretests of writing were administered to both groups. After instruction for each group, both two groups received the posttest. The results of the paired-sample t-tests of the groups indicated that participants of both groups significantly outperformed on the post-test measures of speaking. Upon reviewing the results of the independent-samples t-test concerning writing performance of two groups, it was revealed that the no group significantly outperformed the other after the intervention indicating that both analysis tasks and synthesis tasks have helped learners improve their paragraph writing ability. The study suggests some implications for language teaching methodology, syllabus design, materials development, and assessment.

Keywords: Analysis task, Essay writing, Synthesis task, Task-based Language Teaching, Task-based writing



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