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Article Published In Vol.4 (July-Aug-2016)

The Impact of Botswana Government Funding in Poverty Eradication Projects-Case Study in City of Francistown, Botswana

Pages : 667-674

Author : Dr. B. Natarajan, Tumelano Lolita M. Ntshwene and Stegi Shine

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The purpose of the study was to find out the impact of the Botswana Government funding in poverty eradication projects on beneficiaries focusing in City of Francistown. The objectives were specifically to find out the socio-economic conditions of fund recipients before and after getting the funding; the level of employment created in each project category; problems encountered by the fund recipients. The study was descriptive-correlational and a questionnaire was used for data collection. The respondents were from City of Francistown. 96 respondents were selected randomly from the total size of 468 beneficiaries/ respondents. The findngs revealed that majority of respondents engaged in the poverty eradication projects were mostly females and less number of males. There is significant relationship between educational level of respondents and the success of projects as they cannot explain the business plan on their own nor refer to it to see if they are on track. The study showed that there is significant difference in the livelihoods of the beneficiaries as there is improvement in their living conditions. It was concluded that the respondents need more time for training. It was recommended that market day be put in place bench marking be done with Swaziland and Kenya. Beneficiaries were trained at Rural Industries Innovation Center (RIIC) in Kanye. Botswana.

Keywords: Poverty, Beneficiary, Impact.



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