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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

The Impact of Fasciolosis on Food Security in Nigeria: A Review

Pages : 758-761

Author : Balarabe Rabiu Mohammed

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A review was conducted to highlight the direct and indirect impact of bovine fasciolosis on food security in Nigeria. The direct impact on livestock productivity include; host mortality and partial or total condemnation of organs. Indirect losses in sheep include; reduced production and quality of wool reduced lambing percentages, poor growth rate of lambs and increased costs for replacement stock. In cattle, losses include; reduced production and quality of milk in dairy cattle, lower growth rates and lower feed conversion rates in fattening cattle and expenditures for anthelmintics. The economic contribution of animal production in ensuring food security in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Livestock production constitutes an important component of Nigeria agricultural development; animal protein, raw materials for agro allied based industries. It was therefore concluded that the potential for increasing livestock production can only be fully realized if the animals are adequately protected against adverse effects of diseases. Profitability of animal product demand efficient husbandry of animals, as diseases remain a profit limitation factor in many tropical countries. For sufficient livestock production to be fully realized to meet the ever growing population Nigeria, integrated approach to fasciolosis control is required to increase the present level of livestock production.

Keywords: Anthelmintics, Bovine, Fasciolosis, husbandry, Livestock, Nigeria, Food security




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