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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

The Prospects and Limitations of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Production in Nigeria- A Review

Pages : 920-926

Author : Balarabe Rabiu Mohammed and Charles Ejiofor

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The exponential increase in population size in the developing countries including Nigeria necessitates a corresponding demand in animal protein supply to sustain the availability of protein for the human populace. Quails characterised by small size are regarded as a cheap additional source of animal protein, due to their low feed requirements, rapid growth, short generation, and gestation periods. In this paper review, the prospects of quail production, management, diseases and control strategies have been extensively discussed. It further highlighted other unique qualities of quail over other species of poultry to include; requirement of less amount of floor space, feed and high fecundity rate. Limitations to quail production in Nigeria includes; infectious diseases (Bacteria, viral & protozoan) and noninfectious (Drowning, smothering & cannibalism) which require necessary skills for successful quail production. Adequate biosecurity measures employed in poultry disease control are applicable in quail diseases prevention and control strategies. The study has implication on the potentialities of quail production as an excellent and affordable source of animal protein in Nigeria.

Keywords: Animal protein, Diseases, Gestation, Limitations, Nigeria, Productions, Prospects, Quail




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