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Article Published In Vol.3 (Nov-Dec-2015)

The Relationship between EFL College Students’ Listening Strategies and Comprehension

Pages : 1210-1218

Author : Dr. Bushra Saadoon Mohammed Al-Noori

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Listening Comprehension involves the use of different strategies that interact freely with each other to help listeners construct a meaningful interpretations of what they hear. Iraqi learners face difficulties and lack the ability to comprehend spoken English. This study aims at identifying the difference between the first and fourth year college students, and identifying the level of each year in listening Comprehension, identifying the difference between first and fourth year, and identifying the relationship between the first and fourth year college students in listening strategies and listening comprehension. The procedures involves, choosing a sample of EFL College students, constructing a questionnaire to identify the Listening strategies use by EFL College students, and applying the test and the questionnaire to the first and fourth year college students Finally Suitable Statistical methods used and conclusion, suggestions and recommendations for further studies.

Keywords: Listening Strategies, Listening comprehension, Teaching listening etc.




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