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Article Published In Vol.11 (May-June 2023)

The Significance of the Study of Species Composition of Disease-Causing Fungi in Rice

Pages : 300-302, DOI:

Author : Djamankulova Zulkhumor Begashovna and Khaytbayeva Nodira Seytjanovna

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The article outlines the results of the study of infestation degree of rice with main fungal diseases, such as blast, fusarium and alternaria. The data presented in the obtained results show that during the growing season rice is affected by fusarium disease up to 20%, by blast disease up to 19%, by alternaria disease up to 14%. In the research, pure cultures of disease-causing fungi of Fusarium, Alternaria, Pyricularia genera were isolated and their species composition was morphologically determined using a microscope.

Keywords: Rice, root, leaf, stem, grain, Fusarium, Alternaria, Pyricularia, variety, Iskandar, Devzira, Alanga



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