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Article Published In Vol.5 (March-April-2017)

The use of Social Media in the Recruitment Process: A Study on Karachi

Pages : 360-364

Author : Samreen Uzair (Asim), Samreena Kanwal and Ramsha Haleem

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The reason of this research explicates that the associations are conceded out recruitment process by means of social media set of connections situates in. Social networking places are carried to make easy and recover procedure of staffing process in HR organization. Social networking sites are attend to the wants of managers and job-searchers through internetworking on electronic podium likes face book, twitter, LinkedIn,, and means which enlarge the rapidity of service, sinking the cost of recruitment, massive accessibility of job-searchers and progress the excellence of recruitment and facilities. In this research it defines responsiveness regarding the recruitment from first to last social media. Social Media in recruiting process is a win-win for together corporation and probable applicants. The research finishes with as a substitute of relying profoundly on exterior recruitment companies or job panels, many companies are centering the attention on placing dedicated ability via Social Media sites such as LinkedIn. This research will spotlight on the most admired social media platforms: LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter and other platforms like,

Keywords: Recruitment process, social web-pages, qualified candidates



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