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Article Published In Vol.2 (May-June-2014)

Type of Anemia in Pregnant and non Pregnant Women in El-Khurma Province in Western Saudi Arabia

Pages : 505-507

Author : Mubark A. Abu zaid, Dr. Malik hassan Ibrahim and Dr. Mansour Mohammed Mansour

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Six hundred (600) women were investigated for the type and frequencies of anemia Three hundred (300) of pregnant women and (300) of non pregnant women. A venous blood of 5 ml was collected, 2.5ml in EDTA containers and investigated for a complete blood count (CBC), retics count and hemoglobin electrophoresis. The other volume of 2.5 ml of blood collected to obtain serum for biochemical tests, including; serum iron, serum ferritin and total iron binding capacity. The mean age of patients was (25 year) for non pregnant women and (30 year for pregnant women. The results showed that the only type of anemia was hypochromic microcytic anemia, mainly is iron deficiency anemia. Percentage of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant and non pregnant women were (68.8%) and (63.3) respectively. The percentage of anemia decreased in pregnant women whom take iron therapy during pregnancy, while was high in pregnant women that did not take the iron. There is no significant deference between the mean of Hemoglobin in pregnant women with therapeutic dose and non pregnant women.

Keywords: Anemia, Pregnant women etc.





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