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Article Published In Vol.2 (March-April-2014)

Uranium Concentration Measurements in Al- Dura Soil of Baghdad Governorate using pm – 355 Detector

Pages : 364-366

Author : Dr . Alia Ahmed Kaddhim and Issraa K. Ahmed

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The nuclear track registration technique with pm-355detector used to determine the uranium concentrations for twenty-eight samples of soil distributed in seven districts for Al-Durra city in Baghdad governorate with depth (5) cm .The uranium concentration in soil samples measured by bombardment uranium with thermal neutron from (241Am-Be) source that has flux of ( The concentration values were calculated and comprised with standard samples .the results showed that the maximum value of uranium was (1.478ppm) in Al-Gameaea district and the minimum value was (0.676ppm) in Al-Maelemeen district.

Keyword: Uranium concentration, soil, PM-355





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