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Article Published In Vol.8 (Nov-Dec 2020)

Use of Lognormal distribution Model to Fit the Observed data for Air Pollutants Concentration

Pages : 932-936, DOI:

Author : Prem Sagar Bhandari

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In this paper, the probability density function for two parameters lognormal distribution is used to fit the parent distribution of air pollutants PM10 for eight months from October 2013 to may 2014 of road Putalisadak of Kathmandu, Nepal. To estimate the parameters of the theoretic distributions, two estimating methods that is method of moments and Bayesian method are applied. From the study, it is found that the method of moments is best fit with the observed PM10 concentration of one of the busiest streets of Kathmandu of the year 2014.

Keywords: Lognormal distribution, Air pollution PM10, Moments method,   Bayesian method, Estimation of parameters



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