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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Using Fairy Tale as a Movie to Enhance Learners’ Writing Skill in Teaching Narrative

Pages : 1315-1320, DOI:

Author : Agus Rofii, Emzir and Zainal Rafli

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This study aims to describe use fairytale as a movie to enhance learners’ writing skill and this study was conducted by experimental method. The observation was conducted to find out students’ response towards the use of fairytale as a movie in teaching writing narrative text. The post-test result indicates that there was significant different with pre-test result. It was statistically supported by t-test calculation in which the result shows that the null hypothesis was rejected. The results indicate that there were positive responses that fairytale as a movie in writing class was effective both in arousing students’ motivation and in improving their writing ability. From the results, using fairytale as a movie in writing classroom was expected to be a new contribution for helping teacher to conduct an effective and interesting learning in the classroom.

Keywords: Fairytale, movie, writing skill, narrative text.



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