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Article Published In Vol.3 (May-June-2015)

Web Service Integration using Knowledge Discovery in Services (KDS)

Pages : 587-593

Author : Mr. Praveenkumar Arjun Patel and Prof. Umesh Laxman Kulkarni

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Web Service Integration now receives a great deal of interest from academia and industry. Service Integration is the work of merging the resulting data of various complementary web services into a general situation. This approach is undertaking in relation to the discovery of new types of information. Prior to service integration procedures can be executed, it is needed to expect which web services are required candidates. Knowledge Discovery in Services (KDS) process is dedicated to address a repository of open services that do not contain semantic annotations. In these conditions, focused methods are needed to find out equivalences among open services with practical exactness. Web services data are clustered by using KNN algorithm. Categories have created as per similarity scores. Filtering receives data from either Clustering or Categorization OR from both. Finally Composite Service Output put on views multiple predictions for particular user. It starts a bottom-up process for KDS that adapts to the environment of services for which it operates.

Keywords: Categorization, Clustering, Composite Service Output, Filtering, Service Specification & Equivalence Processing, Web services




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