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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Wooden Balconies in Andrūn Bhāṫi Gate- from Bhāṫi Gate to Bāzār-i Ḥakīmān

Pages : 1007-1017

Author : Samina Zia Sheikh

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Walled City of Lahore is a complex of old and new constructions. Commerce has brought the need of multi storied buildings within the existing surroundings. Contemporary trends of the buildings do not always embrace unique ornate features which are present in some of the old buildings that are badly neglected in current situation. Wooden balconies of old historical houses in the Walled City are the most attractive feature for the tourist and historians. A few wooden balconies from Andrūn Bhāṫi Gate are selected for this paper. Intention is to document this rich tradition of stylistic and conventional construction of wooden balconies which is ghastly disappearing and to raise and address complex issues associated with the preservation of this priceless heritage.

Keywords: Traditional Wooden Balconies, Priceless Heritage, Decay, Conservation.




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