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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

A Translation from XSD into ORM using Mappings

Pages : 17-30

Author : Mustapha Machkour, Karim Afdel, Said Aminzou, El Hassan Megeder

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The XML Schema Definition (XSD) describes with high precision, better than the Document Type Definition (DTD), the structure and semantics of XML data. To translate the XSD schemas into database schemas as has been done for the DTD, the translation methodologies are needed. The object of this article is to present a method that makes it possible the translation of an XSD schema into an object-relational database schema (ORS). To preserve the integrity constraints defined in XSD such as type constraints, value constraints, and structure constraints during the process of translation, the extended DTD (XDTD) schema is defined. The XDTD helps to represent the XML element in DTD with XSD constraints. In this method, we introduce new specifications for XML, ORM and define the mapping from XSD into XDTD and XDTD into ORS. These mappings allow an automated translation without human intervention.

Keywords: XML, XSD, XDTD, Integrity Constraint, Object-Relational schema, Translation, Mapping.



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