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Article Published In Vol.6 (Nov-Dec-2018)

Arms Control and Disarmament-A Case Study for Pakistan

Pages : 1324-1330, DOI:

Author : Dr S M Shahzad

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Arms Control refers to limitations in the quantity or quality of certain types of weapons, while disarmament seeks to eradicate arms, either in their entirety or by respective groups. The basic purpose of arms control is to reduce risk of war or to reduce destructiveness when war occurs where as objective of disarmament is the complete elimination of War. Conflict between Pakistan and India continues to dominate the strategic destiny of South Asia since decades. Both countries born in conflicts, have never resolved fundamental differences in their view over the state of Kashmir or number of lesser issues and indeed some in India still question the very existence of Muslim Pakistan, disputing the need for two nations on the subcontinent. Mechanism of arms control and disarmament has been used as a negotiating tool to bring stability in IR. Presently, so many nuclear weapons have been developed and deployed all over the world that a slightest mistake or miscalculation could blow up the world. Origin of Pakistan’s nuclear program lies in its adversarial relationship with India. Pakistan has consistently opposed fissile material cut-off treaty (FMCT) because the lack of control over existing stocks would allow India to retain unaccounted pre treaty fissile material. Resolution of Kashmir issue will not usher in an era of arms control and disarmament because of Indian security concerns with regards to China. Huge defense expenditures of Pakistan and India have seriously retarded economic progress and social uplift of the people. Once the Kashmir issue is settled, discussions on arms control and disarmament can be started bilaterally. Whereas if Kashmir issue is relegated, it will not be good for the future of population in large already living below the poverty line in both countries. Nonetheless, there is a possibility for trilateral discussions on arms control and disarmament with the help of China.

Keywords: Arms Control, Disarmament, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan – India Relationship, Kashmir issue



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