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Article Published In Vol.3 (July-Aug-2015)

Computer Assisted Language Learning: ESL Learners Attitudes in Vocabulary Empowerment

Pages : 806-810

Author : Ali Morshedi Tonekaboni, Maedeh Latifi and Fatemeh Abedini

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A major development in computer-assisted language learning has been the expanded use of the computer as a medium of communication. This paper examines whether computer networks are indeed an effective tool for empowering second-language learners, focusing on vocabulary learning or not. However, none of the previous studies have specifically addressed the question as to how realistic a claim it is to consider computer technology as a replacement for the traditional increasing vocabulary knowledge in the classroom. Consequently the present study was designed to compare the effects of three kinds of different technical tools to see if they affect on ESL learners’ overall vocabulary empowerment. To that end, a total of 44 English translation majors, who were learning English for special purpose as part of their studies at Islamic Azad University of Ramsar Branch, were administered Longman TOESP Test as a homogeneity test to establish that they were homogenous. As a second administration a modified version of Schmitt’s vocabulary learning strategies questionnaire (VLSQ) was used in this experiment for pre- test and the post test. Finally, a series of paired-sample t tests was conducted to test the hypotheses of the study. The results indicated that technical tools can be considered as an effective item for a vocabulary empowerment.

Keywords: Computer Assisted Language Learning, eclectic view, technological options; ESL




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