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Article Published In Vol.3 (March-April-2015)

Computer Simulations of Colloidal Solutions using Lu-Marlow or Modified Lennard Jones Potentials

Pages : 225-230

Author : K.ELhasnaoui, A.Maarouf and M.Ouarch

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The purpose of the present work, to study the structural and thermodynamic properties of three discrete potential fluids: Lennard Jones (L-J), Lu and Marlow (L-M) and modified Lennard Jones (L-J)M types . All quantities of interest were computed using the Ornsetein-Zernike (OZ) integral equation and HMSA (hybridized-mean spherical approximation) closure relation. The correlation function, structure we found that the LM contribution corrects structure factors, and pressure of the systems thermodynamic properties of the system by taking into account the effect of particle size.

Keywords: Computer simulation, Colloids, Pair-potential, Structure, Thermodynamics,HMSA.




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