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Article Published In Vol.3 (Sept-Oct-2015)

Creation of Optimal Path using Min-sum Algebra Technique

Pages : 1046-1052

Author : Mirza Mahmood Baig and Eraj Shahbaz

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The main focus of this paper is to examine the impact of Min-sum Algebra Method on real road network to optimize/minimize the real distances .Two major key factors are pursued in this paper. Firstly, Min-sum Algebra Method is applied to optimize/minimize the distances. Secondly, the shortest routes or paths composed of any particular network by using forward and backward tracking are found. The comparison of forward and backward tracking is also presented in this paper. Min-sum Algebra method enables to provide shortest or minimum distances. We used Min-sum algebra and Structural matrix to generate Optimal Matrix (OM) and Initial Matrix (IM) respectively. Using the concept of forward and backward tracking on IM and OM shortest routes or paths are calculated.

Keywords: Creation of Shortest Path Problems, Min-sum Algebra technique, Structure matrix, weighted Graph.




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