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Article Published In Vol.5 (Jan-Feb-2017)

Dual-Phase-Lagging Thermoelastic Damping Vibration in Micro- Nano Scale Beam Resonators with Voids

Pages : 71-78

Author : N. A. Alghamdi

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In this paper, the Thermoelastic damping vibration with voids of beam resonator is analyzed by dual-phase-lagging
generalized thermoelasticity theory. The basic equations and the boundary-value problems are formulated. The Q-factor for thermoelastic damping has been derived and the effects of voids have been discussed. Analytical expressions for deflection, temperature change, frequency shifts and Thermoelastic damping in the beam have been derived.

Keywords: Dual-Phase-Lagging; Thermoelastic Damping; Vibration of beam resonators; voids.



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