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Article Published In Vol.9 (July-Aug 2021)

Evaluation of Dynamic Scheduling Policies against Cyber-attacks on an Open-Shop Manufacturing System using Simulation

Pages : 395-404, DOI:

Author : Alejandro Bracho Avila, Alireza Zarreh, Can Saygin, Hung-Da Wan, Yooneun Lee

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In the domain of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), there is a significant concern regarding cybersecurity, especially for smart manufacturing systems, allegedly a target of numerous recent cyber attacks. Given this situation, this paper introduces a simulation-based model to assess the repercussions on manufacturing systems’ performance under the presence of cybersecurity issues. The objective is to validate countermeasures regarded as a Dynamic Intrusion Response, which could potentially reduce the adverse impact of specific malicious cyber attacks. The effectiveness of adjusting dynamic scheduling policies in response to cyber-attacks has been evaluated through a simulation study based on a manufacturing system. The results reveal that adaptive real-time scheduling policies such as dynamic resource allocation and rerouting of jobs will efficiently reduce the adverse impact of cyber attacks on an open-shop manufacturing environment.

Keywords: Simulation, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, Open-shop, Scheduling Policies



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