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Article Published In Vol.6 (March-April-2018)

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Machinability Analysis of Al 6061 Hybrid Composite

Pages : 250-255, DOI:

Author : P.V. Rajesh, M.Sriram Prasanth, V.Sam Daniel and C.M.Saravanan

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Aluminium Matrix Composites are extensively used due to their desirable properties like low weight, low cost, high strength to weight ratio, good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and high stiffness. Their applications are diversified in production, thermal, marine and automobile industries. Aluminium is extensively used in ships, aircrafts, cars, electrical wires and household utensils because it is abundant in nature. In the present study, Aluminium alloy Al6061 Hybrid Composites reinforced with Boron carbide and Coconut shell ash are fabricated to replace the individual Aluminium alloy Al6061. For that various tests to determine properties such as strength, hardness, wear and corrosion resistance are conducted on composite samples which make them fit to be used in aircraft window frames by reviewing various literatures. In addition to above, machinability analysis is performed on all the specimens and their surface roughness is measured. Based on the results obtained, we can come to a conclusion that the aluminium composite has superior properties than individual Al6061 alloy.

Keywords: Aluminium Matrix Composites; Aircraft; Boron carbide; Coconut shell ash; Machinability; Tensile strength; Hardness; Corrosion resistance



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