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Article Published In Vol.4 (Nov-Dec-2016)

Multiple UAVs communication in Intelligent Environment

Pages : 1260-1263

Author : Sameer

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Seamless mobility of the nodes in the multi-UAV cooperative causes the network topology to change frequently. As the UAVs have limited sensor capabilities, cooperative control relies heavily on communication with appropriate neighbours. The leashing problem is to physically or electronically constrain radio nodes within the network so that communication can take place between designated end points. This problem is of interest in UAV applications, as communication is often required between nodes that would not otherwise be able to communicate for instance because of range constraints or line-of-site obstructions. Efficient, reliable, low latency communication is required to fully realize and utilize the benefits of multi- vehicle teams. The need for communication is very vital in the performance of the UAV team tasks. This survey paper deals with the comparison of shortest path finding algorithms for intelligent environment

Keywords: Seamless mobility of the nodes etc.



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