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Article Published In Vol.1 (Jul-Aug-2013)

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled With Plastic Petrol Derived From Waste Plastic

Pages : 17-21

Author : Sudhir Kumar.J

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The increasing industrialization, urbanization and changes in the pattern of life, which accompany the process of economic growth, give rise to generation of increasing quantities of wastes leading to increased threats to the environment. Environmental degradation and depleting oil reserves are matters of great concern around the globe. Developing countries like India depend heavily on oil import of about 125 Mt per annum. In this context, waste plastic solid is currently receiving renewed interest. Plastics have now become indispensable materials in the modern world and application in the industrial field is continually increasing. As an alternative, non-biodegradable, and renewable fuel, waste plastic oil is receiving increasing attention. Replacement (partial) of fossil fuels with alternate fuels has been set as a target worldwide to reduce greenhouse effect and energy dependence as well as to improve economy. In the present day scenario emissions associated with the exhaust of automobiles resulting in global warming is a major menace to the entire world and also detrimental to health. As the fossil fuels are depleting day by day, there is a need to find out an alternative fuel to fulfill the energy demand of the world. Environmental concern and availability of petroleum fuels have caused interests in the search for alternate fuels for internal combustion engines.An experimental investigation is conducted to evaluate the use of Plastic Petrol derived from waste plastic in a Spark Ignition engine. The tests are conducted using each of the Gasoline and Plastic Petrol with the engine working at Constant speed. Fuel consumption and exhaust regulated gas emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and total unburned hydrocarbons are measured. The differences in the measured performance from the baseline operation of the engine, i.e., when working with Gasoline fuel and the Plastic Petrol are determined and compared. The experimental results show that plastic petrol under study shall conveniently be used as a substitute to gasoline in the existing SI engines without any modifications.

Keywords: SI engine, Emissions, Combustion, Plastic Petrol and Gasoline.



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