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Article Published In Vol.10 (March-April 2022)

The Vibration of a Simply Supported Visco-Thermoelastic Nano-beam of Silicon Nitride Induced by Thermal Shock

Pages : 124-131, DOI:

Author : Najat A. Alghamdi and Aeshah A. Alosaimi

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In this article, the vibration of visco-thermoelastic isotropic homogeneous nano-beam has been studied. A general model of visco-thermoelasticity theory under simply supportedconditions of one relaxation time has been used. The Laplace transformation has been applied for the governing equations. The inverse Laplace transformation has been considered by using Tzou procedure. When subjected to thermal shock loading and simply supported conditions, the numerical results have been validated for a visco-thermoelastic rectangular nano-beam of silicon nitride. Figures of this paper represent numerical results to describe the effects of the visco-thermoelastic parameters and the thickness of the nano-beam. The beam’s thickness and the visco-thermoelastic parameters have been significant effects on all the studied state-functions.

Keyword: Vibration; Visco-thermoelastic; Nano-beam; Silicon Nitride; Thermal shock; Fourier law



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