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Article Published In Vol.8 (Nov-Dec 2020)

Variation in Median Nerve Formation-A Case Report

Pages : 900-901, DOI:

Author : Dr Shobha Verma and Dr Manisha Nakhate

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Introduction- Normally median nerve is formed lateral to third part of axillary artery by the union of a lateral root from lateral cord and a medial root from the medial cord. Formation is Y- shaped. medial root crosses in front of III part of Axillary artery A number of variations in the formation of median nerve, its relationship to the axillary artery and communication with musculocutaneous nerve have been reported by earlier the present study during routine anatomical dissection we encountered interesting case of variations in the formation of median nerve in the axilla Case report -In an aged male cadaver on the right-side median nerve is formed by three roots,1 lateral root and 2 medial roots Clinical importance -Knowledge of the various types of median nerve formation and the variable relationship of the roots of median nerve to the axillary artery and association of vascular anomalies is very important during surgeries in the axillary region. Injury to such a variant nerve may lead to a galaxy of manifestations Clinical implications of such variations have to be kept in mind during anesthetic procedures of brachial plexus, shoulder arthroscopy, traumatic injuries involving axillary region.

Keywords: Median nerve, lateral root medial root clinical implications



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